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Litmor Floodlight Camera

· Litmor Capsule floodlight home security camera protects your home no matter you are at home or on the go.

· It detects, recognizes, and notifies you if there is an intruder, family member, and animals.

· The widest 180-degree viewing angle camera covers everywhere day and night outside your home, even a package sitting right beneath the camera.

· At night its motion sensor 2400 lumens floodlight lights up your home and provides you a color night vision.

· Install the Litmor App in your Android and iOS smartphone, you can watch live view and talk, listen-in any visitors everywhere in the world. If there is an intruder, the built-in 110 dB siren will help you to send them away.

· Litmor offers 1 year free warranty.

See more, act ahead.

A.I. Powered Smart Alert.
180° Super Wide Angle. On your phone 24/7.

It takes care,
you take easy.

When there is a stranger wander about your home.
Capsule detects it and send you a phone alert.
You check the alert and see the stranger.
You can talk to the stranger in Litmor App and use the built-in siren to send him away.

With Litmor A.I. technology, you can know a threaten activity before it happens.


Stranger recognition and more.

Other than suspicious strangers, you want to know your package is delivered on time, and your kids arrive at home safely. It tells you if there is a stranger, family, delivery man, kid and animal.


You can watch, listen in, talk back and turn on siren.

With a built-in microphone and speaker, Litmor Capsule can let you see, hear and speak to visitors wherever you are. You can tell the delivery man where to leave the package. You can also trigger siren to scare off suspicious strangers.


180° vertically and horizontally

You may install multiple other cameras to watch a single area, but there are always some missing parts.
Your Capsule gives you unbeatable field of view, 180° in both vertical and horizontal direction. Imaging you install one Capsule on the wall at your side yard, you will have a view from the driveway to backyard.


So shining.
Full color night view.

Your Capsule is bright. 3500 lumens dimmable floodlight with a motion sensor. Moreover, you can control the brightness in the App.


Designed for family.
Now share it!

You can share the fixture with your family and neighbor in Litmor App, so they can watch your home when you are busy.


Your video stays safe in local and cloud.

Litmor Capsule provides local storage with MicroSD card and cloud storage. The local storage can support up to 128G MicroSD card.128-bit AES and bank level SSL encryption.