TOP 11 Must-Have Home Security App. features for your smartphone

TOP 11 Must-Have Home Security App. features for your smartphone

Talking about home security, the things come into your mind probably will be security cameras and specification like the field of view, video resolution. For sure, those are very important. 

In fact, home security Apps. also play a significant role in home security. 

After installing your home security cameras (Learn more about the most optimal locations to install your home security camera). Most of the time, you are relying on home security Apps. to watch live get notification, watch back videos, take a snapshot, and do many other operations.

However, if the App. is terrible to use or short on practical features, the results may not be as good as you expected.


We researched and reviewed hundreds of home security Apps. in the market for you.

Below we found out the top 11 must-have home security App. features.


TOP home security App. features ranking

  1. User-friendly interface 
  2. Two-way talk and siren
  3. Short live video loading time
  4. Watch live view on the home page and anytime
  5. Snapshots and video clip from live video
  6. Great night vision
  7. Motion-detection notification
  8. Adjustable motion area
  9. Able to invite others to use your camera
  10. Smart home connectivity

Now, let go through them one by one.

1.User-friendly interface.

    For home security App, a friendly user interface sounds like a fundamental feature that each home security App. should naturally have. 

    As a matter of fact, it is a very complicated design, developing, and retouch journey base on the deep understanding of customer needs and habits.

    A user-friendly interface will reduce the difficulty to use your home security camera. You can easily find the right interface you want to use, tap the button to use a specific function.

    Let’s take Litmor App. as an example. Before we redesign the App, all the devices on the home page are wrapping up, and you need to click twice and enter a new page to see the live view. Now, it is much more convenient, after launching the application, on the home page, the most obvious place is the cameras, you can easily find the camera you like to check. The watch live and check event button is very obvious with a large clickable area, click on the watch live button you can watch live stream right on the home page. 


    2.Motion-detection notification

    With the motion-detection notification, you will know when your home security camera detects movements. Some of the best home security App. like Litmor App, even have a built-in AI algorithm to identify motion types and send different types of notification to you.

    After you get the notification, you can immediately check the live view to see what is happening at your home. It makes you are able proactively to react to a property crime the could patiently occur to your home.



    3.Watch live view on your smartphone at anytime

    With a home security App. you will get a notification when a movement is detected. Best home security App. allows you to check live view anytime in the world after a notification. Some live view features also have two-way audio for you to talk to the visitor at your home.



    4.Two-way talk and siren

    Two-way talk and siren are efficient features for home security. It is the second most used function for a home security camera App. Without these features, there will be nothing you can do after receiving a notification, and finding out your friend is at your front door or a thief is sneaking around your home.

    Use two-way talk. You can talk to the delivery person to asking him to leave your package to your neighbor to protect your package from stolen. You can also use it to listen in and talk to other visitors when you are on holiday and a business trip.


    If you find a thief or burglar, turn on the siren and scare them away. It is very helpful for preventing burglary from happening. Litmor Battery Cam has a built-in 106dB siren.


    5.Short live video loading time

    When a property crime happens, it happens very fast and leaves much less time for you to react. Therefore, short live video loading time becomes very critical. The quick you can load the live video, the shortest time it takes to find out what is happening, and then take action to prevent the crime from happening and improve your home security level.


    6.Snapshots and video clip from live video

    Some home security Apps have snapshots and record video clips function. It is usually an integrated function with live view. 

    When you are watch live view after receiving a notification, and find out a person is trying to break into your home, use the snapshot and record video clip function, you can save photos and videos in your phone as evidence when you report it to the police officer. 

    You can also use them to capture and If there is a crime scene happening when

     It allows you to capture and record the memorable moments in your life.


    7.Great night vision

    According to 2017 home security statistics from the FBI, on average, a burglary happens once every 23 seconds in the US, over 45% burglaries occurred during the night.

    Great Night vision makes a noteworthy improvement in visibility during the night. It allows us to pick up more information from the snapshot and videos.

    Litmor home security App comes with a color night vision. It shows more detail in the video, like the color of the hair and clothes.


    8.Adjustable motion area

    Considering perimeter home security, you may need to install multiple security cameras around your house. Sometimes, you need to point your camera face to a high traffic road or some part of your neighbor’s outdoor area in order to cover an area you like to monitor, for example, your window bank area.

    In this case, for sure, you will receive lots of unnecessary notifications about movement outside your window bank area.

    Motion area helps you solve this problem. It allows you to define a specific area that you want your camera to cover while ignoring everything outside that area.

    With Litmor App, you can easily set a motion area.

    • Enter the device setting menu from the home page.
    • Choose monitoring area in the list
    • Adjust the motion frame and save


    9.Able to invite others to use your home security camera

      For people who frequently occupied by things and don’t have time to keep eyes on the App., this is a very practical function, you can share your device with your family members or neighbors, so they will receive notification when there is a movement and check live video for you.

      Home security app. from Litmor, Ring, and Arlo are all have this feature.



      10.Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home kit

      Follow the trend of home automation, now more and more home security Apps are able to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. You need to talk to an Amazon Echo Show or a Google Assistant smart display and watch video feed right from the camera. Even talk to the visitor from there.


      Final thoughts

      There are so many different home security App. in the market. Some of them have really great functions, but when we are drafting this blog, we keep reminding us to focus on the essential functions of a home security App. must have. I hope this blog provides useful references for you.

      If you still any unsolved question that related to home security App., please visit contact us page and leave us a message.


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