The Areas You Should Avoid When Choosing Installation Place for Security Camera

The Areas You Should Avoid When Choosing Installation Place for Security Camera

When you bought a home security camera, the first thing you should consider is where to install it. Battery powered home security cameras gives our much more convenience and flexibility to install it. But there's still some place that we should avoid installing it. 

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1. Avoid violating your neighbors’ privacy - Before installing your home security camera, it is better to check the local laws to avoid the potential possible harming the interest of your neighbors. Generally speaking, property owners are allowed to install camera outdoor. On most occasions, it is alright to capture some of your neighbor’s public-facing property in the background of your footage. 

    However, you will have a legal problem if your camera captures any areas into your neighbor's bedroom and bathroom. And record audio without knowledge and consent is illegal in most circumstances.

    You can also ask for your neighbor’s opinion and explain why you choose the installation place. 

    2. Avoid bedrooms and bathrooms – Some of you may choose to install a security camera in the bedroom and bathrooms to keep an eye on an elderly person and young kids. But remember to ask for their suggestions and get permission to do that in some area where has warranted the expectation of privacy. You can also take advantage of some alternatives, like a baby monitor for kids and a personal alert system for seniors.


      Once you decide the installation place, you need to make a tactical decision on how you will install your camera.

      Correct installation height and direction helps a lot on optimizing function and visibility.

      Below are the top 6 tips.

      Place the security camera 2 to 3 meters (8 to10 feet) from the ground. 

      This height is good enough to capture enough detail and out the reach of thieves. It is also very good to optimize the sensitivity of the built-in infrared sensor and improve motion detection accuracy. With Litmor Battery Cam, you can adjust the sensitivity base on camera installation height to have the best motion detection efficiency.

      Other than sunlight, direct light like an indoor light fixture will also affect your footage and make it glare. While using indoor cameras, try to avoid the camera pointing directly to the light sources.


      Avoid pointing your home security camera directly to the sun and light. 

      Sunlight is way too bright; it will cause overexposure and dazzle light in the camera footage. More critical, sunlight will also cause lots of faults alert. If you are using a battery power security camera, it will dramatically increase battery consumption. 


      Avoid pointing your camera to heat source

      Most motion sensor home security camera works reply to infrared motion detection sensor. Heat sources like cause and air conditioner will confuse the infrared sensor and send your lots of faults alarm time from time.


      Make your camera visible. 

      Place your camera in a visible place, or a hidden place are all good options. A visible camera is easily picking up by the burglar, but it is also potential targeting for theft.


      Make the infrared sensor in the direction crossing the path instead of facing it

      Most of the security cameras are equipped with an infrared sensor to pick up human motions, but if you place it in the direction facing the possible path of intruders. The intruder is likely not to be detection.

      But, put it in the direction crossing the path will dramatically increase the detection sensitivity and accuracy.  


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