Security Camera For Car While Parked: 3 Useful Methods!

security camera for car while parked
Why security camera for car is necessary? There are thousands of cases of car stealing being in every country, be it a developing or developed country. You cannot rely on the built-in security systems of your car. To keep your car safe you have to go the extra mile.
security camera for car while parked
Recently there has been a huge uptick in the use of home security systems. What’s surprising is not the adoption of this technology but instead the lack of use of car security devices. Don’t lose hope that you’ll never know what happened to your car, though; car security camera devices are starting to pop up and are expected to become quite popular in the coming years. 
By picking up one of these devices at the very least, you’ll be aware of what happened, and at best you can catch the person who broke into your car. More than that you have the peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe.

3 Types of car security systems:

1.Car alarm systems

There are also traditional car security systems. If your car is parked and a security incident occurs an alarm is sounded with the idea to scare away the thief. These systems also tend to have stolen vehicle tracking to help track down your car in the event it is taken.
They do provide more security than car dash cameras; however, their visibility is nil. The alarm is great for scaring away a security threat but not for providing any evidence as to what happened.
  • Scare away the thief immediately when stealing happens
Disadvantages :
  • Difficult to install in your car
  • Cannot record the process of crime
  • A false alarm may occur
  • Outdated

2.Dash camera

The most basic form of a car security camera is a simple dashcam. In this form, it’s not really car security but rather video evidence if something happens while you’re driving. If you are involved in a crash, the footage can serve as evidence that you weren’t at fault.
security camera for car while parked
These simple dash cameras are cheap, but their functionality is fairly limited. Many require the removal of the device as well to retrieve any footage. Once you pull the footage you also need to filter through all of the continuous footage in order to get the short clip you’re looking for.
  • Having video footage on hand is evidenceenhanced protection
  • GPS functionality for added security
  • Discounted Insurance Premiums
  • The quality of the video footage varies
  • raise privacy concerns

3.Car security cameras

There is a new wave of surveillance cameras for cars that are rolling out that provide both security and visibility. Pairing sensors with cameras can alert you to the security event and have the visibility to know what happened. Some systems even allow live streaming video ability to determine if the threat is ongoing.
Similar to dashcams, these systems also provide visibility on the road sending out alerts and saving footage of incidents. The big trend with these cameras seems to be moving towards cloud storage. This allows users to remotely access video footage which is especially helpful in the event of a break-in, vehicle theft, or theft of the device itself.
  • Affordable and within your budget.
  • Larger monitoring range
  • Some models can be monitored in real-time with a phone program
  • Some models can alarm via phone
  • Can't follow the car
  • Fixed position, only a few can change positions freely

How dash cams work?

Dashcams – also known as ‘in-car cameras’ – are mounted either onto the dashboard or windscreen of your car. This is done through a 12v power source or by hardwiring the device to your car’s power supply. Once powered, it films in segments that load onto a micro SD card. When this is full, it records over the last clip. This way, a dashcam never runs out of memory.
You needn’t worry about losing clips, either. Thanks to a neat feature on most dashboard cameras, you can ‘lock’ video files. This prevents certain footage from being overwritten once the looped footage begins.
They can also take still photos of the road ahead, which are then available for you to download onto a computer or an app on your smartphone.
High-end options come with handy features such as GPS tracking and G-sensors, which save segments automatically when the impact is detected. At the same time, they record your speed and location.

How car security camera work?

Here we take the Litmor Battery Cam 2 as an example:
Limor Battery Cam is a rechargeable battery-powered home security camera that protects your entire home, inside and outside, as well as your car. 
Choose a way you like to place your Litmor Battery Powered Camera, hanging, wall/eave mount, or just place it on the desk cause it is wireless. 
security camera for car while parked
Battery Camera comes with 2 certified rechargeable batteries and lasts about 2-5 months on a single charge. 
1080 HD live view, 92 lumens spotlights, 125-degree Wide View angle, two-way audio talk, 106 dB siren, color night vision, and PIR motion sensor. Provides clear live view and recordings with more details and makes conversions easy. It's IP66 waterproof.
security camera for car while parked
When motion is detected, the camera will send a notification to your device instantly, and then you can check the event through the video or images the camera captured. If there is an intruder, you can use the siren alarm to warn him.