Protecting your Car With Security Cameras

Protecting your Car With Security Cameras

Security Cameras are said to keep your home safe. This usually refers to your family and belongings, but one thing is often overlooked.  You guessed it! Your car. Not only your car itself is valuable, but so is what's inside. This is why your car can be the victim of many transgressions such as: breaking of windows to steal valuables inside, keying the outside, puncturing of tires etc. 

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How Litmor Battery Cam can help protect your car:


Below are the ways in which Litmor Battery Cam can help reduce the likelihood of the unfortunate events mentioned above coming true, and hereby keeping your car, and your belongings inside it safe.


  1. Film and store material of what is going on. With the app, you can check a live-stream of the camera. When motion activates the camera, an 'event' is recorded. These 'events' are stored and ready for later use. Down the road, these can be used to help figure out who the culprit is in the case of any incidents. Litmor Battery Cam ensures high video quality with its 1080 HD camera. Even at night, Litmor Battery Cam gives you a crystal clear view with its 92 lumens spotlights, and color night vision with a 5m range.
  2. On top of allowing you to see the scene with your own eyes, Litmor Battery Cam's AI also helps you identify the subject in view, categorizing them into four groups: people, animals, cars or others.
  3. Litmor Battery Cam can send you immediate push notifications as soon as something enter the field of view and approaches your car. This allows you to know what is happening in real time, and allows you to act quickly, maybe even being able to prevent an incident from occurring. It also allows you to contact the necessary authorities right as the incident is occurring, instead of only finding out about it half a day later when you get home.
  4. The anti-theft alarm also allows you to scare off intruders, with a 100 dB built-in siren that can be controlled on distance.
  5. In case someone approached your vehicle and you would like to communicate with that person, dual-way audio enables immediate, on distance, communication.


Litmor Battery Cam can be used in any circumstances


Now, you might think that installing a security camera where your car is parked would never work due to many external factors. However, thanks to Litmor Battery Cam's flexibility, it can be installed in most situations!


Possible obstacles might be:

  1. Lack of light : As mentioned before, Litmor Battery Cam has night vision, and is also equipped with flashlights.
  2. No (accessible) power outlet : No worries, the battery-powered Litmor Battery Cam requires no power source for up to 4 months, if the camera is triggered less than 8 times on average, per day (on ECO mode, the camera can last up to 12 months). When the batteries are drained, the camera can simply be charged with the cable that is provided.
  3. No WiFi : First of all, it's important to know that even without WiFi, Litmor Battery Cam will still record events and save them to the SD card. However without WiFi, you will not be able to see a live steam and you will not receive push notifications. If you wish to maintain these functions, we recommend using a WiFi range extender, allowing Litmor Battery Cam to connect.
  4. Type of surface : With its 360-degree mount system, Litmor Battery Cam can be fixed in 6 different ways, allowing it to be fixed on most surfaces and face any direction.
  5. External circumstances such as humidity or harsh outside weather : Litmor Battery Cam was built to be weather proof, making it able to face any type of weather. It can withstand a temperature range of -20°C~45°C (-4°F~113°F).


Try Litmor Battery Cam out to protect your car and let us know if you encounter any difficulties. We'd be happy to help you find a solution!