8 Tips to prevent outdoor security camera from being stolen in 2019

8 Tips to prevent outdoor security camera from being stolen in 2019

Outdoor Security Cameras are one of the best ways to identify burglars and protect our property. But for some homeowners, one question may puzzle them that How to keep outdoor security camera from theft. Here I’d like to share some awesome and practical tips to reduce the probability of being stolen.

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  1. Mount Cameras Beyond Reach

A correct height is crucial when we install outdoor security cameras. Generally, the recommended installation height is 2m to 3m high (about 8 to 10ft). If you mount them too low, it may invite vandalism. But mounting them too high. The field of view and the motion detection sensitivity will be degraded. The following points also need to be considered.


  • For DVR/NVR, find a placementthat is easy to get the wires/cables in or out.
  • For outdoor wireless camera, install in a location with good WIFI signal.
  • Keep away from flammable materials.
  • Provide Enough Lighting, you can monitor clearly in the night.
  • Don’t install in the corner. Bugs will cause false alters.
  • Check outdoor security cameraplacement laws.
  • Make sure thespot is well-ventilated.


  1. Purchase Outdoor Security Camera with Anti-theft function.

Most of the manufacturers are also trying to solve this problem by designing related functions. First of all, when you choose the outdoor home security camera, you’d better to choose a screw-on type rather than the magnetic one. With a magnetic mount anyone with a stick can easy knock them down. Anti-theft chain is simply for the added security. That’s a stainless-steel chain connects the base to the camera. Anti-theft alarms are used extensively on wireless cameras. The built-in siren will go off when someone removes your camera after you switch on Anti-theft Alarm function.



  1. Hide in No-obvious Places

Placing your outdoor security cameras in a discreet location is also a reliable method to protect them from vandals or thefts. If there are similar color between the camera and the surrounding environment will also help to hide. Here are a number of common hidden places.

  • Hide in PVC Pipes
  • Hide in birdhouse
  • Hide near bushes and plants with camouflaged color
  • Hide under the eaves
  • Hide in low voltage lighting fixture
  • Hide security camera with camouflaged color
  • Hide security camera with camera skins
  • Hide camera with everyday objects


Tips: There's one point which needs attention that makes sure the hidden position still provides a good field of view.


  1. Get Tough Protective Housing

A tough protective housing/skin is useful to protect your outdoor security camera from vandalism. Besides, it can make your outdoor security camera blend into the external environment, thus others won’t easily notice its existence. Meanwhile, protective housing can mitigate the effects of weather. 


  1. Cross view with another camera

Everything may have an accident, so you need Plan B, no exception for cameras. Position the cameras in a way such that all the outdoor security cameras come in the field of view of the other cams, so in case even if someone tries to mess with the camera, you’ll have a footage of the person who’s done that.


Even though some users propose that you can install a fake outdoor security camera in a conspicuous position and hide the real one to detect theft.


  1. Check your notifications regularly

In general, homeowners always ignore to check videos and notifications pushed from mobile device, because nothing happened around them. You actually should develop a checking habit.


Regularly checking your video recordings keeps you informed about what's happening at your house and is there a suspicious people nearby?


Purchasing outdoor security camera with these features such as motion detection and real-time notifications is great for recordings because it means you don't need to watch hours of footage to see any security breaches.


Recommandation for outdoor home security camera with motion detection and notification


  1. Go Wireless

Wireless systems now dominate the market due to the added security. In the past years, thieves easily found the location of outdoor security camera based on the wires, then cut wires so they wouldn't be detected during invasions.


Conversely, Wireless outdoor security cameras are remarkably easy to install and hide. If you want to change the installation location after it has been installed, it is also very convenient to be disassembled.


  1. Choose Cloud Video Storage

Video storage is buying decision when users purchase an outdoor security camera. But there are two main types of video storage to choose from Local and Cloud. They're totally different.


Local video storage means that your video will be on a local device in your home, usually on an SD card, ready to be played on any mobile device. When the micro-SD card is full, the new content will overwrite the oldest content on the card. And If your outdoor security camera is stolen, the device and SD card will be taken together.


Here are two benefits of cloud video storage. On the hand, video is immediately uploaded to a safe place online where it can’t be deleted or removed with human error. If a burglar wants to remove any trace of their visit, that will be impossible with cloud video storage. On the other hand, you don’t worry about overwrite.


But if you are a price sensitive consumer, local security storage is probably the right choice for you. Because you need to pay monthly fee for cloud video storage.


I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how you can protect your outdoor security cameras from theft. 

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