2022 Most Optimal Locations to Install Your Home Security Camera

2019 Most Optimal Locations to Install Your Home Security Camera

Base on the property crime statistics from FBI, the total value of reported home stolen property in 2018 was more than $15 billion.

According to another shocking fact, nearly 77% of burglary victims don’t have any single home security camera installed at home. 

Therefore, buying a home security camera to monitor your property 24/7 is now becoming an essential need for all property owners.

However, if your security cameras are placed in the wrong areas, though, you may not be as protected as you think. When another burglar intrudes on your home again, what else can you do? 

 The areas you should avoid when choosing installation place for security camera

According to the data, the top places a burglar choose to enter your home are ranking as below:

  • 35% burglar enter your home from your front door  
  • 24% burglar enter your home through the window on the first floor
  • 22% burglar use the back door to enter your home
  • 10% burglar enter your home through the garage
  • The rest 9% use other ways to enter your home


Base on that, below is the 5 top tips from Litmor about the most optimal locations to install your home security camera.

1. Front Door 

    Apparently, intruders most likely break into a home through the front door. It is the primary location for installing a security camera. The camera should face visitors as they approach the door and can view them standing in front of the door. 

    If your front door is connecting with a long porch area, please make sure the camera has enough FOV to cover the whole porch area.

    However, a keyhole camera or a video doorbell is not recommended. They are useful for viewing a visitor at the door, but since they are only at eye level and very easy for an intruder to block or destroy.

    2. Off-street Windows 

      Windows are vulnerable when they are hidden behind the tree and bushes. Burglars are likely to take this advantage to break into your home. Install a security camera and make sure it can view the area and also visible to anyone who approaches the windows.

      On the other hand, the challenge to home security in this area is the number of windows and the wide area of the bank of windows. You need to considering install a security camera with a wider field of view or install multi cameras to cover the whole area.

      You can also install a camera inside the window and look through the window to the outdoor area.


      3. Back Door Security 

        Security cameras and lights are very important for a back door or back yard security. Intruders like to access your home through the backdoor, because it is less visible comparing with the front door. And since most of the backdoors are fenced-in the yards, it is also less visible for neighbors. Set-up cameras face to the entrance of the back yard and other easy break-in spots.

        4. Garage and driveway

          Garage and driveway can be targeted, especially when you park your car overnight. Some car theft like to approach your car, after midnight. 

          A security camera facing the driveway or the garage is great to pick up suspicious activities.

          It is also very important to fix a camera inside the garage and point to the entrance, just in case you go back into your room and leave your garage door wide open.

          5. Other recommend places

            It’s best to have indoor security cameras monitoring indoor space, such on top of your table facing the front door, back door, and important corridors. If your home has stairs inside, install a camera to monitor the whole stairs area.

            If your home has a basement, consider installing a camera focused on the stairway leading from the basement to the first floor. A camera in this area needs to have motion-detection and night vision because the basement is dark in most of the time.

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