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Security is a fundamental need, Litmor® is making it easier to have.

This mission drives Litmor focus on creating outstanding security products with elegant appearance, intelligent functions and affordable price. 

This is probably the easiest flood light I have ever installed. I cannot believe how simple it was. The app works really well too, and it's super easy to use. I am very impressed and will likely use more Litmor products in the future.

Trevor J. Flannigan

 The wide angle lens allows me to see my whole driveway and the back door to the house. At night, the light is not quite as bright as the old flood lights but it is still bright enough for me to see 20-30 or so feet in diameter from the camera.

Jerry Helsing

Motion sensor floodlight plus 180-degree wide angle camera, it captured any activities in front of my house that include package delivery by a mailman and visiting kids from our neighbors. The resolution is quite satisfied. It is much clearer than any of my 1080p cameras that are using in my house.

Amazon customer