Air Circulation Fan

100% Cordless, Ultra-Quiet & Powerful Cooling Fan

Litmor Battery Cam

See more, act ahead.

Litmor Battery Cam 2

Your first line of defense.


Ultra-bright spotlights

Light up your path

Spotlights give you crisp video around the clock. For added security, there’s a built-in siren to help you deter intruders.

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Litmor Battery Cam 2, the Ultra-affordable, Wire-free Battery Powered Home Security Camera with Spotlights. Weatherproof. Color Night Vision.


Keep guard, rain or shine

Designed to works indoors or out withstand rain, sleet, snow and sun.

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Seriously Sharp. True Peace of Mind.

100% Wire-free

Indoors. Outdoors. It can go anywhere

Whether 100% wireless (powered by a rechargeable battery) or plugged into the wall, every Litmor Battery Cam 2 works indoors and outdoors. With the ultra-flexible Litmor Mount, you can keep an eye anywhere you want.

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Awesome cameras. I have two and they are quick to setup. I have a 16gb memory card in each to be able to record and view. No monthly cloud subscription. Two way talk and the spotlight are great features. In the app, it gives you a "Briefing", it's like a summary of activity, I like to check it every morning to see what was happening last night. Also the "Check events" allows you to view the clips of motion the camera picked up.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez

I’ve installed this camera at my parents house so that I could help them keep an eye on their house. I connected the device to my phone, and now I get notified as soon as something happens. Aside from the price, I chose this product because it seemed easy to install and also easy to charge. Even my parents can charge the device and put it back in its mount on their own, because it’s so simple. All I need to do is check if the camera is positioned well, which I can do from a distance, using the app.

Tom Anderson

There things are great! Super easy to set up with the app. The spotlight featite is SUPER BRIGHT and is a really nice for when there is exterior motion. I put one in my garage and two on the exterior and they are so much better than the wired system I replaced.

Dallas Stadick